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So why did I choose Lifestyle Photography? 

For me, I fell in love with capturing my children's (pictured left) every day moments. It was real life, real emotions just the art of our everyday.  And now I want to do this for you and your family. Does your family love splashing in waves? I love the beach!.   Do you have a favorite park? I love the swings!  Do you love ice cream on a summer night? I'll take cookie dough! And yet, we don't have to go anywhere, we can just hang around your house.  I want these photos and stories to be cherished for your generations to come. Let me document your life in these fleeting moments. 


Does Janelle Travel? 

I currently reside in the Spring Lake Michigan area but I am willing to travel up to 1/2 hour to meet your family!  (further and we can talk!) For my friends back in IN we can make arrangements when I am in town visting! 


Does Janelle have a Studio?

Nope, I love to capture families in their own home or favorite spots. It's your lifestyle and I want to live it and capture it. 


What should we wear?

For families, too matchy can look overdone and just a little too planned. (ex. all white shirts and jeans)  When it comes to colors, I always tell people to try and picture what they want to look at hanging on their walls. Try to stay away from everyone in different prints... ex: mom in chevron, dad in plaid, son in stripes and daughter in poka dots. Several different prints can look too busy. Also for older kids I also think it is fun for them to help pick out their outfits as it is capturing them at this age and their current style! Always makes the shoot more fun and will be a fun memory as well. But the number one thing is to BE COMFORTABLE!   If you need help, just ask me!