Giggles and Windmills

This family needs no introduction by now, but I will give them one anyways! Meet the Millers, one of my fave and longest time shooting families! They were some of my first clients here in west Michigan when we moved here a couple years ago! I started photographing them when their now oldest Fiona was just One and now there is a new One year old to celebrate ... Violet! I can not believe it has been almost a year already since this gal was born! I meet them in their town of Holland which is known for its Dutch heritage. So it was only fitting we went and walked around the Windmill park there and explored this evening. The girls are just the cutest together and I loved watching Fiona trying to rangle her sister Violet to look at the camera for me! I can already tell they are and will be the best of friends! I just adore this family and always enjoy these shoots with them! I hope you all enjoy viewing them as well! 

Michael, Elise & Harper

Happy Fall All! I'd say with the recent drop in temps Fall has officially arrived in Michigan and not a minute to late for this session! You may remember sweet Harper from earlier this spring when we tossed her in a basket out in an apple orchard and she just ginned away .. well besides more hair and a few more inches her sweet self hasn't changed much! And she just turned the Big One!  This session was so much fun and I really enjoyed capturing these moments for them! Harper is the definition of JOY and was a delight to be around. I also did not stop smiling the whole time editing these photos! She loves to stand and this night was crawling everywhere! Of course her mom text me the next day to inform me she decided to walk after we had tried all our best efforts to make it happen! Ha! Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you all! Enjoy! 

Jake, Emily and Vayda

Meet this adorable family of 3! They were the first of my fall sessions even tho it didn't feel like Fall this evening. It was actually in the 70's and pretty buggy at this spot, but they were troopers and we made it through. Vayda took a little convincing to warm up and the bugs didn't help but she eventually warmed up to me and I got to see her sweet smile. She loved tossing leaves into the air and exploring the nature area. Her fave game tho was peek-a-boo and boy is she good at it! You can tell she is a sweet one and like to be by her parents side! Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you! 

Stearley Family Photos 21016-199.jpg

Seriously those Blue Eyes!!! 

Click the arrows for the cutest game of Peek-a-Boo

Love that Smile!


Meet Ozzy a sweet little one year old I had the honor of playing with one morning! This little guy started out pretty shy with me and it took about every trick in the book but I was finally able to get him to perk up and show me that handsome smile! I met Ozzy and his mom downtown Grand Haven one morning last week and we took a stroll around the block. Ozzy loved playing in the fallen leaves and playing peek a boo with me from behind the downtown brick walls! Ozzy it was great to meet you and I am so glad you warmed up to me in the end! 

when he would get shy on me ...

... but then he would perk right back up! ;-) 


Ashley & Oliver

They are Back! My fave Duo of Ashley & Oliver! I have loved being able to capture this sweet stylish duo for the past 3 year end of summers! They are always a Joy to capture and hang with one evening! Oliver is growing up and still just as sweet as ever! He really is such a kind, gentle and caring soul and I love these moments with him when I get to capture that sweetness! Ashley of course continues to be just gorgeous and such an amazing mom! These two are always out and about exploring and creating such special memories together! This years photoshoot took us to the city of Grand Rapids where they often find themselves going to museums, walking trails by the river and exploring. And we did just that this evening! It also happened to be the start of the cities Art Prize and were able to add some of those artworks into these images!  Hope you enjoy these moments as much as I did capturing them ;-)! 

Senior Sarah

Meet Sarah a senior at Grand Haven!  Can I just say I love seniors!  I love being able to to go to multiple locations that they have chosen and capture them! It is always fun to see where they are going to pick and get a glimpse into their personalities for one evening! Sarah was so much fun and picked some awesome spots! She wanted GH since she lives there, but wanted some more unique locations than just downtown and I think between the tree climbing and railroad tracks we were able to accomplish just that! Sarah is a busy senior to say the least.  She is involved in the GH color guard, plays bass guitar for Jazz band, performs in school musicals, sings in her church's Lifeteen Band and does both high jump and pole vault during track season! I honestly don't know when she sleeps! Sarah is also an outdoors girl so we ended the evening at her home with a family dune buggy and watched the sun go down over their pier which she often kayaks from! I hope you enjoy! And Best of luck in your criminal justice studies next year Sarah! 

Sarah Dufon Senior 2016-282.jpg

Adam, Lerin & Meiana

Happy September all!  Hope everyone had a great end to their summers! I know I did as this was my last session in August and I met up with the sweetest family of three ... Adam, Lerin, & Meiana. This shoot was extra special because it was back in IN in my hometown! I know this family through a best friend I grew up with and it was super special to be able to capture these moments for them! We meet at a local park/gardens (that actually were not even there when I was growing up), and took a stroll, in Meiana's case a run, through the park ;-)! I also had forgotten how Humid IN can be so it was a pretty hot humid night, but these guys were troopers and rocked their shoot! Meiana never stopped smiling and she was so much fun to play with and capture! Hope you all enjoy these moments as much as I did capturing them! 

Josh, Renee, Ethan, Evelyn & Amelia

Meet this awesome family of 5 who totally rocked this shoot! I mean ROCKED it! It was such a fun night with this family in downtown Muskegon! Which was the first time I have ever shot in this downtown. Let me tell you it's walls did not disappoint! I know the mom of this tribe through a moms group that I joined when first moving to Michgan and we met at one of the first events I went too! It has been fun to see this family grow and was such an honor to finally be asked to capture them! Ethan told his mom earlier in the day he wanted to be "fancy" for the photo shoot and his outfit did not disappoint. Sister Evelyn showed up in her grandmothers pearls and doggy. And last but not least sister Amelia and her tutu were just adorable! I love that Renee let the kids accessorize their outfits and these images will be so fun to look back on and see what the kids were in too at this age! I love when families do this! I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I did capturing them! 

oh these hats! so fun!

sister dance party ... click the arrows to check out their moves

dad thinks he has his hands full now just give it 10 years when these beauties are teens ;-) 

When mom is your school teacher ... such an incredible mama teaching her littles! 

headed home ... 

a couple outtakes of who wore the photographers make the kids laugh prop best ? And yes sometimes I shoot with this on ;-) 

Team Corwin Grew by One

You may remember this fun family from earlier this summer at the beach. Well their newest addition finally decided to make her grand apperance! Welcome to Team Corwin: Cora Grace. She came into this world on Aug 3 weighing at 8lbs 6 oz and all of it being total cuteness! I got to meet this little lady at 11 days old and she was such a doll! She was pretty much awake and alert for most of the shoot. She is also already a strong one, lifting her head and she knows what she likes & doesn't.  She seemed most relxed just hanging out on their sun porch in the light! She will be well taken care of not only by her amazing parents, but her 2 older brothers! They have just the cutest smiles and Cruze was more than happy to show me how well he can old his new sister! Enjoy your new bundle Corwins and thank you for allowing me to capture some of Cora's first moments with your family! 

I LOVE this family! So fun always! 

just relaxing 

This moment! All the Heart Eyes! 

The Hubbard Family

Meet this awesome family of four! This was such a fun night at the beach with this family of four! And they have been waiting so patiently to view their photos as I shot them and then we left on vacation for a week, but they are now ready and I am so excited for them to see them. Tristan and Laila are the sweetest brother and sister! They seriously get along so well and really love eachother and they were a JOY to capture together! We played & ran on the sand dunes and then of course made it down to the beach and splashed in the water! Thank you so for such a fun night Hubbard family and I hope you enjoy! 

Such A Beautiful Family! 

Those Smiles!

She's the sweetest! 

My Fave! 

Oh Heyyy Beautiful! 

Can we say Handsome!!!! 

Love me some "Trash the Clothes" kid style sessions! 

Meet the Schmidts again ;-)

I sure do love me a repeat family! Not only is it a Huge compliment, that I don't take lightly, I love being asked back as I love watching families grow and hit milestones. We had a one year bday to celebrate here!  This time we captured the family in their home and yard. It was fun to watch the family play and interact on their home turf! And once again these 2 kids did not disappoint! Linus was the happiest guy running through the sprinkler and picking & eating, of course,  home grown berries! I have a feeling no berry has ever made it into the house!  He was more than happy to share with me too! And miss Violet turned the Big One and is still as clingy to mom as always and huge fan of dad! She also go to eat some of the berries that were picked! Thank you so much for having me back and allowing me to capture these special times for you in and around your home! Enjoy! 

You will want to click on the right arrow to view all this JOY! 

Happiest 1st Birthday Sweet Girl!!! 

It was wonderful capturing you all again! 

Scott, Amanda, Lainey & Lilly

Meet this adorable family of four! I have known this family forever now! The mom Amanda and I go way back ... way back ... we are talking college, high school & elementary! So this session was so much fun to do as Iove being able to capture family & friends! Her and her family were able to make the journey up here to MI from IN and spend a weekend with us! We of course had a blast together! It was so much fun to catch up and watch our kids play together! Our girls are just 4 months apart and it was like watching us play 30 years ago! We of course went to the MI coastline to take their family photos, as you don't get these views in central IN! We played in the dune grass and of course ended at the water where the girls ended up freezing just a little ;-) Hope you all enjoy them and come back soon! 

George Turns One

I got to meet and photograph this handsome guy on his official First Birthday! Meet George! Earlier this week I meet up with George and his family in downtown Grand Haven to capture the Big One Milestone and it just so happened to work out to do this shoot on his actual Birthday! George was so sweet, but I guess a little quieter and less smilier than normal! But he still did great and rocked his shoot. He loved it when people would clap for him and at one point I think I had 7 people behind me clapping and cheering him on and 1/2 we didn't even know! Ha! I hope you continued to have the best birthday George! 

The Corwin Family

Meet the Corwin family! These are some of my faves to capture as these boys are so full of Life and Joy. Plus they have some pretty fun parents too! Cruze their oldest son is full of a sense of adventure and I am pretty sure he spends 99% of his time outside! And little brother Colton is just a few steps behind him! He too, I can tell, loves being outside and trying to keep up with big brother! Both these boys are so full of energy and they are way faster than last year! I'm guessing next summer I will need a bike to keep up with them! We spent the evening at the beach where they splashed in the waves and played in the sand! You will also notice that these boys are about to become big brothers as mom is pregnant with baby #3 and it's a Girl! I am already pretty sure these boys will be the best protectors and sweetest guys to her and have her outdoors in no time! Jessica you are literally glowing and I am impressed at how well you are able to keep up with these two! Thank you all for such a fun night and I look foward to meeting the next member of Team Corwin in July! 


The Best Laughs! 

thanks for such a fun silly time Cruze! 

Meet the Schmidts

Meet Eric, Dawn, Linus, & Violet! I had the honor of doing a lifestyle session for them in downtown Grand Haven last week where they live! We took a walk around the block, played some hide & seek in the sails, and even got photo bombed by a giant freighter! I had so much fun with this family and they were a joy to capture! That Linus won me over instantly! He is so sweet, polite, and just radiates JOY! He had me laughing all night and was even picking out his own backdrops and poses near the end! Linus you rocked it buddy! At that sweet violet is totally a mamas girl and pretty much stayed close to mom, but dad is able to make her beam behind the scenes! Thank you all for allowing me to capture these moments for you! 

I loved how Violet was always looking up at Dad! 

Hide & Seek in the sails! Click the arrows to find him! ;-) 


Oh that Face! 

I tend to lag behind in shoots and walk in the streets etc so Linus was so cute how he was always checking to make sure I made it across! 

Gorgeous Girls! 

You were a Joy to capture and hang with Schmidt family! 

Chris, Shelli, Brooks, Caleb & a Beach Bum in the Oven ;-)

I am sure you recognize these twin boys by now as they have made an apperance or 4 on my blog before :-) . Well these handsome guys are becoming big brothers next month! They will be the proud protectors of a little sister! She is one lucky sister to have these guys as brothers! I am looking foward to seeing them interact with the new baby as they are pretty sweet at giving mommys belly kisses even tho we tried about 20 times and they were not going to do it at the same time for us! ha! We spent some time down by the water capturing this families busy scene and moms growing belly! Enjoy! 

1/2 on belly kisses ... I am calling it a win! Good job Brooks! 

Gorgeous Mama

Brotherly Love 

Racing down the sand dunes was their fave! 

Once they saw the water there was no turnng back for them! All In!

Looking Forward to meeting that Beach Bum Baby Girl in just a month! 

Curt, Heather, Fiona & Violet at the Beach

One of my most photographed families is on the blog! This time we headed down to the waters edge and it was a beautiful night! I love being able to capture these girls growing up! ( I hope to do their Senior Photos one day ;-) hint hint) We hiked some sand dunes and played at the beach and it was such a fun night! Between mom spinning & splashing in the waves and dad running sand dunes I'd say these parents slept well that night!  Baby Violet is one of the happiest babies and barely stopped smiling for me and Fiona is such a sweet sister to her! These girls were just the cutest together and it was so much fun just watching this family play at the beach this night! As always thank you for letting me capture these fun moments for you! 

Back View ... 

Front View ... 

Click on the right arrow ... you won't regret it ;-) 

I think she wants a turn next ... 

when your dad makes it to the top! 

Lardo Family

Meet the Lardo Family ... Jane, Fisher, Gracie & Graham. (Not pictured is Dad who has already had to move for work) That is right this fun family of 5 is getting ready to pack up their home and move across the state. When Jane reached out to me for some last minute lifestyle photos of her kids in the home where their family started before they move in a few weeks I knew I just had to squeeze her in! I too have had to do this and know the feeling of leaving the home behind where you started your family. This session was a blast too! I had so much fun that morning hanging out with the kids in their rooms and playrooms. We stopped and made some art, had a snack, had a dance party and even jumped on the couches! They also live right on the lake so we visted their dock and spent some time splashing around! Also a cool fact is that the paintings you see on the wall are all Jane's and the watercolor ones are her grandmothers! They are amazing works of Art! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them! I posted a few extra then I normally do just because I know special this home is to them! Enjoy!

Fisher's Room. He was so cute giving me the tour! 

Gracie's room! She picked our her outfit for the shoot too ;-) So Stylish! 

And of course Baby Graham's room and you will see this cute guy crawling all over :-) 

love how he loves to style his hair on his own!

time for some dot art! 

And seriously High Five to all the moms who allow some jumping on the furniture time! 

Graham photo bombed by Fisher :-)

time for some splashing around 

snack & dance party time!

Chris, Megan, Alex & baby Isaac

You may remember this family from a woodsy maternity I blogged a few posts back. Well baby boy decided to arrive and it was so much fun seeing this family of three become four! This session was oh so Beary Cute! Alex is such a sweet sister and good helper to mom just as I knew she would be! She is so sweet and good with sharing with her brother. I was able to meet Isaac when he was exactly 1 week old! And let me tell you he is already wanting to be a part of the action. He never fell asleep for more then 5 minutes!  I think he was afraid he would miss out on something! We were still able to capture the sweet guy tho and I adore this beautiful family now of four. Hope you enjoy these moments as much as I did capturing them :-)! 

And baby boy makes four!

Oh my goodness this session is so precious! I love me a newborn session at home! Meet Kieran Christiaan! He was born weighing in at 9lbs 3oz! And if you are wondering where mom & dad came up with such an unique name ... Kieran is an Irish name passed down on dads side since the 1800's and Christiaan is moms grandfathers name and you will see him wrapped in grandpas sweater in a few photos! A name doesn't get more special than that! I meet this handsome guy when he was just 2 weeks old! I captured them in and around their home one morning and even tho it was snowing outside we were able to capture the season for this winter babe!  He is just the sweetest and I think he gets the sweetness from his sister! Ellie is such a great helper to mom and loves to hold baby brother so much that when her time is done it usually ends in the sweetest tears! Thank you all for allowing me to capture these first moments as a family of four for you! Ellie I hope you like them ;-)!