The Nephews

Finally getting around to blogging one of my fave sessions I did this summer, my brother and his family! They have been waiting patiently for me to edit these so I hope it was worth the wait! I went back home a few weeks ago and was able to squeeze in a quick downtown session in the small IN town I grew up in and where they reside. So it's always fun going into the downtown and seeing all the new restorations they have done to it. It is also always fun to capture these two guys, my nephews! This was an extra special session too because Sawyer, the youngest one, is currently going through chemotherapy for his battle with leukemia and it had been a rough few months for them and he hasn't really been himself until now and it was so good to see him laughing so much with brother Nolan and just being his silly self again! So we took a stroll downtown and we ended the session with getting some ice cream! Enjoy! 

Draper Family 2018-17.jpg
Draper Family 2018-63.jpg
Draper Family 2018-32.jpg
Draper Family 2018-120.jpg
Draper Family 2018-241.jpg
Draper Family 2018-127.jpg
Draper Family 2018-261.jpg
Draper Family 2018-375.jpg
Draper Family 2018-415.jpg
Draper Family 2018-450.jpg