The Krugers from Kansas

This summer has been such a fun one for me as I have been able to capture many special friends! This time it was the Kruger family who came to visit/vacation in west Michigan from Kansas this summer. How do I know them, well believe it or not the mom and I met online! What?! It is true tho, we both joined the Instagram community around the same time and starting liking eachothers work. We tell our kids its like a modern day penpal! Well one thing lead to another and I met her and a couple other mom instagrammers in Chicago and made a new friend for life. So this summer when she sent me a text saying that she was bringing the whole family to MI I couldn't be more excited! Not only did I get to see her again, we got to introduce our kids and I also had the honor of taking some family shots for them one evening here on my favorite beach! It was an awesome few days together showing them west MI and watching our kids become instant friends. 

Kruger Family 2018-151.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-368.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-242.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-255.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-295.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-280.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-291.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-262.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-344.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-335.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-435.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-478.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-214.jpg