The Winsor Family

And now for my last spring session to blog! I can't believe spring is already almost over and summer will be here so soon! Seemed like such a short spring since it was so late this year! And as always I save the best for last! Meet the Winsor family. You may remember sweet Owen and Olivia from last Spring where they ate ice cream when it was like 50 degrees outside but it didn't phase them! Luckily tho this year it was almost 80 and sunny! Mom and Dad decided to join in on the fun this year too.  I had such a fun evening capturing this family! We met in Grand Haven where they reside and took a stroll around the block and then ended down at Grand Haven's famous boardwalk to catch the last of the days sun! Owen and Olivia you both rocked this session (and so did you mom & dad ;-) ). Enjoy! 

Winsor Family 2018-51.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-2.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-29.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-91.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-106.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-201.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-192.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-182.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-270.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-405.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-395.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-437.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-480.jpg