Schmidt Family

Ok so you have to know this family by now! They are definitely up there in one of my most photographed families! I love watching and capturing this growing family! I started capturing them when Linus the oldest boy was just two and every session with them has been so much fun! I also love that this family always wants to capture their hometown and go to the places they normally do with their kids. And that is exactly what we did this evening. Started out in downtown at some of their fave spots and even hit up the local candy store. We then swung by their home for some quick play time and ended by getting sandy at the beach/pier! Enjoy and Happy Weekend All! 

Schmidt Family 2018-6.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-50.jpg

loved how they both wanted to make her smile!

Schmidt Family 2018-53.jpg

one of my fave client smiles!

Schmidt Family 2018-69.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-97.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-147.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-213.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-194.jpg

Candy Store Time!!!

Schmidt Family 2018-297.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-313.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-254.jpg

decisions, decisions 

Schmidt Family 2018-264.jpg

Back at Home to play and warm up for a bit!

Ended with a Grand Haven Favorite ... The Pier!

Schmidt Family 2018-465.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-493.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-456.jpg