The Howe Family

Meet the Howe family of six. They have all been on my blog before at one time or another but this time we captured the whole family together! It was a busy night too with so much for them to celebrate. We were capturing two birthday milestones (Ozzy 4 and baby Dylan 1) and a first communion for big sister Scout. We headed to the beach this eveing to capture this family and celebrate all these firsts for them! We did everything from making sure we got those birthday portrait shots, running the dunes, first communion dress and ended with splashing in the still very cold waves of lake MI! It was a busy but fun filled night with this family and the sunset was almost as beautiful as this family!

Howe Family 2018-364.jpg
Howe Family 2018-133.jpg
Howe Family 2018-34.jpg
Howe Family 2018-195.jpg
Howe Family 2018-67.jpg
Howe Family 2018-164.jpg
Howe Family 2018-215.jpg
Howe Family 2018-287.jpg
Howe Family 2018-382.jpg

Just Beautiful! 

Howe Family 2018-512.jpg
Howe Family 2018-655.jpg
Howe Family 2018-397.jpg
Howe Family 2018-408.jpg
Howe Family 2018-429.jpg
Howe Family 2018-318.jpg