The Young Family

Hello again! I am absolutely loving being back at it with all these wonderful families this Spring! Up next here is the Young family. I actually met up with the Young family at her parents home that live right in a downtown here in west Michigan. It was such a fun evening of walking around and exploring the old neighborhood and all its history. Most of the backdrops you will see are those of old buildings that are now musuems and historical sites that you can visit and tour! The two Young kids, Prudence and Oskar, are just the sweetest together. Prudence is actually in the same Girl Scout Troop as my daughter and that is how I have come to know this beautiful family! Thank you for such a fun night in a new place Young family and I hope you enjoy these as much as I did capturing them for you all! 

Young Family 2018-50.jpg
Young Family 2018-446.jpg
Young Family 2018-12.jpg
Young Family 2018-462.jpg
Young Family 2018-76.jpg
Young Family 2018-136.jpg
Young Family 2018-142.jpg
Young Family 2018-97.jpg
Young Family 2018-203.jpg
Young Family 2018-243.jpg
Young Family 2018-265.jpg
Young Family 2018-350.jpg
Young Family 2018-297.jpg
Young Family 2018-381.jpg
Young Family 2018-408.jpg
Young Family 2018-507.jpg

and I pulled out my secret weapons at the end to make mom & dad smile :-) 

Young Family 2018-553.jpg