Raha Family

Spring has finally Sprung here in West Michigan and next to fall it is my most colorful time of year to shoot! We are literally 5 weeks behind last years bloom but it has been well worth the wait as the Orchards are finally showing off their pink and white blossoms! I met the Raha family out at one of my fave orchards the other night and it was the perfect evening we had been waiting for! The Raha kids, Will, Logan, Gavin, & Luella definitely win the award for the most focused group of 4 kids! They came ready to smile! Also how dapper are those 3 boys! Serisouly mom nailed it on style for them all! And that Luella is just the sweetest little girl and so well loved by those boys. This family was a dream to photograph here and it was my honor to do so! I hope you enjoy these captures of this gorgeous family as much as I did taking them! Enjoy! 

Raha Family 2018-227.jpg
Raha Family 2018-46.jpg
Raha Family 2018-107.jpg
Raha Family 2018-76.jpg
Raha Family 2018-243.jpg
Raha Family 2018-125.jpg
Raha Family 2018-256.jpg
Raha Family 2018-274.jpg
Raha Family 2018-315.jpg
Raha Family 2018-332.jpg
Raha Family 2018-300.jpg
Raha Family 2018-355.jpg
Raha Family 2018-499.jpg
Raha Family 2018-414.jpg