The Alt Family

Meet the Alt family of six! I met this beautiful family last weekend and we spent an afternoon in our little downtown. We walked around a few blocks and then took a break in a local building to warm up and captured them all snuggled together and then headed back out to finish up! It was such a fun afternoon meeting this family and capturing them. The four kids tho, Charles, Simon, Amelia, and even little Juliette all did so well for as cold as it was. The kids were so much fun and I loved how each of their personailities eventually came out. I will say I think they all have a fan favorite of baby Juliette as their biggest concern was always who got to be the one to hold her or sit by her! She is well loved and protected by her older trio and it was so sweet to see! Dad, Andy and Mom, Stacie rocked the session as well and made it so much fun for the kids. Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for your beautiful family! Enjoy!

Alt Family 2018-17.jpg

Charles you are such a character and I loved it!

Alt Family 2018-60.jpg
Alt Family 2018-43.jpg

those smiles!

Alt Family 2018-85.jpg
Alt Family 2018-96.jpg
Alt Family 2018-136.jpg
Alt Family 2018-171.jpg
Alt Family 2018-216.jpg
Alt Family 2018-263.jpg

this family rocked the “now just have fun & play”

Alt Family 2018-206.jpg
Alt Family 2018-507.jpg

She is Loved!

Alt Family 2018-489.jpg

I don’t think these boys can get any more handsome and mom more beautiful!!!

Alt Family 2018-433.jpg

now thats a portrait line up! You nailed it kids!

oh my sweetness!

Alt Family 2018-611.jpg
Alt Family 2018-617.jpg

Daddy’s Little Girls

Alt Family 2018-470.jpg
Alt Family 2018-357.jpg
Alt Family 2018-387.jpg

a fave!

Alt Family 2018-516.jpg
Alt Family 2018-445.jpg
Alt Family 2018-642.jpg
Alt Family 2018-720.jpg
Alt Family 2018-841.jpg