Ashley & Oliver

My favorite mom & son duo is up today and this session is one that I truly look forward to every year! This is my 5th summer/fall photgraphing these two and it is always different and oh so much fun! Each year we focus on what Oliver is currently interested in and what he loves to do! This year they chose camping because it is what these two do together all summer long. We went to the campground they normally camp at and Oliver got to show me all his favorite spots to hike, catch frogs, climb, and play. They also win the award for the buggest photo session of the year! The mosquitoes were in full force this night, but Oliver being the awesome kid he is never actually complained once! It was mom and I hooping and hollering at them! Ha! Oliver you are such an awesome kid all the way from daredevil to having the sweetest spirit! I hope you both enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them (minus the mosquitoes)!

A&O 2018-84.jpg
A&O 2018-19.jpg

Hey look a seat just for me!

A&O 2018-143.jpg
A&O 2018-38.jpg

The Dare Devils …

A&O 2018-109.jpg

Oh Hey There Handsome …

A&O 2018-90.jpg
A&O 2018-60.jpg
A&O 2018-132.jpg
A&O 2018-209.jpg
A&O 2018-173.jpg

loved that he reached back and gave moma hand onto the logs

A&O 2018-220.jpg

Only Oliver can dance on a log & not fall!

A&O 2018-288.jpg
A&O 2018-234.jpg
A&O 2018-268.jpg
A&O 2018-436.jpg
A&O 2018-489.jpg

stopped and picked mom a flower :-)

A&O 2018-542.jpg
A&O 2018-576.jpg

and all paths here in west michigan end at the beach …

A&O 2018-583.jpg

my fave of him … that sweet grin says it all

A&O 2018-591.jpg
A&O 2018-594.jpg

the zen master

A&O 2018-619.jpg
A&O 2018-630.jpg
A&O 2018-646.jpg
A&O 2018-658.jpg
A&O 2018-679.jpg
A&O 2018-695.jpg

Until next fall …

A&O 2018-699.jpg

and one to show you the bugs, I left this one in so they could remember the moment and all the bugs! ha! can you spot it?

A&O 2018-85.jpg