Biking & Beaching

My favorite DUO is blogged! This is my 4th summer capturing these two and each year it just gets more and more fun! This year we stayed in their home town and had Oliver just pick what he loves to do. We ended up starting the morning off at the skate park and ended in the evening with splashing in the waves at the beach. We also stopped off at the farmers market for breakfast and walked along the boardwalk. Oliver is such an awesome kid! He is so brave in all that he does and ties!  I couldn't believe the tricks he was doing at the skate park and I've seen him in action on the ski slopes in winter! He also knows how to make us laugh! Mom and I were constantly laughing at his silliness. Mom of course is just as gorgeous as ever and just plain rocks at being his mom! These two are just the sweetest, kindest and most adventurous duo I know! Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of capturing you all! It is my fave way to end my Summer Sessions! 

Safety First ...

A&O 2017-28.jpg
A&O 2017-109.jpg

I loved how brave mom was to jump in the middle has he rode on the walls all around her!

A&O 2017-50.jpg
A&O 2017-90.jpg
A&O 2017-95.jpg
A&O 2017-97.jpg
A&O 2017-145.jpg
A&O 2017-171.jpg
A&O 2017-200.jpg

oh just stop!  

A&O 2017-238.jpg

those freckles across his nose get me every time! Love!!!

A&O 2017-292.jpg
A&O 2017-273.jpg
A&O 2017-309.jpg
A&O 2017-343.jpg
A&O 2017-428.jpg

time to play ...

A&O 2017-465.jpg
A&O 2017-444.jpg
A&O 2017-486.jpg
A&O 2017-540.jpg
A&O 2017-558.jpg
A&O 2017-573.jpg
A&O 2017-605.jpg
A&O 2017-561.jpg
A&O 2017-546.jpg
A&O 2017-621.jpg

Hey you guys wanna go swim out to those rocks? No hesitation from either just started going right towards them! I was up to my chest holding my camera up above the water to capture these and it was soooo worth it! 

A&O 2017-649.jpg
A&O 2017-631.jpg
A&O 2017-667.jpg

and my fave ... 

A&O 2017-743.jpg