Beckett Turns One!

Get ready to smile from ear to ear when viewing this photos! Mr. Beckett is turing one and he rocked his session! I met up with him and his awesome parents in downtown to take a walk around the block and end with a first taste of cake smash! Beckett was so much fun and I literally smiled while editing all these photos the whole time! We literally just walked and stopped and played along the way. We ended with Beckett getting his first taste of cake, that was made by mom herself! It was so fun to watch him inspect it and then enjoy it! I'd say he was a fan from all the smiles! Hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I did editing them! ;-) 

Beckett Turns One 2017-3.jpg

when you give your parents the side eye right before you take off ... 

Oh that sweet grin!!! 

Cake Time!!!! 

Happy 1st Birthday Beckett! Hope its as awesome as you!