Will the Thrill

Loving all these spring babies! This guy William Jacob aka "Will the Thrill" his dad has nicknamed him was just 9 days old at this session. Although currently he is not living up to the "Thrill" part of the nickname as I don't think I heard a single cry out of him and he pretty much stayed awake the whole session, but just chilled. So I am leaning more towards "Will the Chill" but time will tell ;-). He also was the most alert 9 day old baby I have ever captured too! He was always looking right at me and so awake! Big sister Vayda was more than willing to pose for me too and she was so sweet and gentle with her new baby brother! You could just feel the love! Thank you for allowing me to capture these first moments for you as a family of four! 

sister was more than happy to put on a spin show for us ;-) 

I love how alert he was and staring up at his parents ;-) 

Sister got out her newborn baby photo book for mom to read to her 

stepped outside for some fresh air 

we finally wore him out!

Grandma was there helping out so of course we got her in the frame too!