Owen & Olivia

Meet Owen & Olivia a sweet brother and sister Duo! These two were so much fun and we had such a fun evening together! We took a stroll around downtown GH and even stopped off for some ice cream! Big brother Owen is just as kind as can be and was such a big help with sister. And little sister, Olivia is brother's shadow. She was always wanting to do whatever he was doing and you can tell the bond these two have is just the sweetest! Also they seriously have the best smiles and both radiate JOY! Thank you both for such a fun night and I hope you warmed up after eating ice cream in the cold! 

when you find a random bench in an Alley ;-) 

Holy Spring!!!! 

ice cream flavor picking time ... 

you scream, I scream, we all scream for all ice cream! 

we then moved inside to finish their cones as it was a little chilly that evening! and I also just loved how little sister looked next to brother on this bench ...