Baby Dylan

Oh my goodness it is not Spring Fever over here it is Baby Fever! As I'm swooning over my newest littlest client, Dylan and she is a doll! Dylan decided to mix things up for us and instead of coming on her original planned c-section day she came a few weeks early on us! She just couldn't wait to be a part of this awesome big family. She makes number four for these parents and she is anything but lacking attention ;-). She has two older sisters who constantly want to be the ones holding and rocking her and are no doubt a huge help to mom! And let's not forget about brother Ozzy but at the current time he is more interested in his fire trucks than the new babe ;). Sweet Dylan rocked her session and I believe takes the award for the best baby at a session as I rarely heard her cry and she was pretty much ok with any position we put her in! Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you Howe Family and get my baby fix! 

her other two mamas... 

Mama gets the smiles

my fave part of this image is actually Ozzy's legs running around .. because thats the real moment ;-) 

mom & all her girls! 

All in the Frame! 

I'd say she's in good hands...