Coloring, Reading & Cars

Meet Linus and Violet a sweet brother and sister Duo. I have captured this family before and it is always a JOY. We spent the morning in their kitchen where they colored, read and played with Linus's favorite at the time Paw Patrol cars. They also baked some energy bars and Linus was the perfect taste tester for the job! It was so fun to capturing the kids just doing what they normally do and Linus even invited me to play him in a game of candy land at the end. I love how he was so inclusive with me and I was more of a friend than a camera lady ;-) Violet loves snuggling and feeding her pets and for the most part doing what brother is doing. 

such a sweet little mommy to her babies and animals

I've never seen anyone else love Paw Patrol as much as this guy! 

not always a fan of brothers reading ;-)

time to make some snacks 

taste tester :-)

thanks for a fun morning & playing with me kiddos!