Baking, Painting & Giggling

My favorite kind of session just hanging around someones home and capturing their real life moments. Meet Natalie and Shauna the stars of this blog. I went over to their home a few mornings ago and just spent the morning with them. We had the music playing and both girls just did their thing. Natalie loves helping in the kitchen and was baking one of their families recipies for homemade hostess cupcakes and I was impressed how she pretty much did it all on her own! Her younger sister Shauna twirled, puzzled, and painted. They both worked on art projects and giggled all morning together.  These girls were seriously so much fun to spend the morning with. 

That Dimple!!!

I thought it was so sweet when big sis let little sis have some tastes 

And while big sister baked, and little sister wasn't tasting ;-)  .. she spinned... 

and puzzled ... 

and painted. 

Then they both worked on some art projects 

of course we took a hot cocoa break 

and ended with some mom snuggles :-) thanks for just a fun morning girls!