Travis & Kaylee ... A Winters Engagement

Even tho today is the official first day of Spring it is still quite cold here in Michigan. And this engagement session wins the award for the coldest session of the year thus far! Meet Travis and Kaylee the winners of this prestigious award! Kaylee contacted me a few weeks ago about having some winter engagement photos taken in the Michigan Winter Scenery. She has recently relocated to Ohio to where Travis lives but they still wanted their photos here in Michigan. I of course was super excited as I love winter and capturing it, but it is hard to find families and couples willing to brave the cold! Well these two not only braved the cold, they rocked it! We are talking no coats, 19 degrees as the snow swirled around them snuggling up on the banks of Lake Michigan! I hope you have both thawed out by now and congrats again on your engagement! Cheers!