Bell Boys Turn 3

Welcome 2017! It is starting to warm up here in Michigan and honestly a little to soon! But with the more mild temps I am able to be back at it and had my first session of the year!  I can't believe these two are turning 3! I remember photographing them when they were just turning One! I will say tho this was the easiest session with them yet! Mainly because they are easily bribed now ;-). Before these twins would run in total opposite directions, but this year I didn't get quite the workout I usaully do! These boys love the outdoors and with a March birthday you never know what the weather is going to be like here in Michigan. We got lucky tho with a little snowfall the day before and then a more mild morning. We chose a local nature park that has gorgeous tall pines as the backdrop for these exploring nature boys! We spent an hour just hiking the path and climbing on the trees! Hope you all enjoy this first session and Happy Birthday Boys! 

They loved running through the trees!

those rosey cheeks!

That Dino never left his arms!

Take my hand Brother .. so cute!

Oh and a little glimpse behind the scenes of this shoot! Thanks to the Dad for being a good sport and wearing my prop to make the boys laugh :-) !!!