Penelope & Olivia

Meet Penelope and Olivia who are the two cutest sisters ever! I know these girls well as they are a close friends little girls and I was so excited to capture them on this day! Penelope who is four now is one of my daughters friends and I have been capturing her since she was one when we first moved here. Her sister Olivia who will be turning two this month I've had the honor of capturing since birth. These girls are getting so big and it is so much fun to watch them play, run around and giggle. Both are into dolls right now so we spent some time tending to their babies. We listened to some music and colored for a bit too! Mom and I may have had a cocktail in the middle of the chaos too ;-). I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did capturing them! I hope to come back over and play again soon girls! 

Michner Girls 2017-7.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-52.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-59.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-73.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-95.jpg

so incredibly beautiful! 

Michner Girls 2017-90.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-124.jpg

my fave!

Michner Girls 2017-114.jpg

mom says this is her ... always ... 

Michner Girls 2017-139.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-183.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-201.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-236.jpg

an intense almost 2 yr story of how snow white ate the apple ... cutest story ever told! 

Michner Girls 2017-277.jpg

i have about 8 more of her actually sitting up in the chair, but feel this one really captures her

Michner Girls 2017-305.jpg

she has the best smile!

Michner Girls 2017-363.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-330.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-327.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-329.jpg

gah! just the sweetest duo! 

Michner Girls 2017-393.jpg