Chris, Shelli, Brooks, Caleb & a Beach Bum in the Oven ;-)

I am sure you recognize these twin boys by now as they have made an apperance or 4 on my blog before :-) . Well these handsome guys are becoming big brothers next month! They will be the proud protectors of a little sister! She is one lucky sister to have these guys as brothers! I am looking foward to seeing them interact with the new baby as they are pretty sweet at giving mommys belly kisses even tho we tried about 20 times and they were not going to do it at the same time for us! ha! We spent some time down by the water capturing this families busy scene and moms growing belly! Enjoy! 

1/2 on belly kisses ... I am calling it a win! Good job Brooks! 

Gorgeous Mama

Brotherly Love 

Racing down the sand dunes was their fave! 

Once they saw the water there was no turnng back for them! All In!

Looking Forward to meeting that Beach Bum Baby Girl in just a month!