Lardo Family

Meet the Lardo Family ... Jane, Fisher, Gracie & Graham. (Not pictured is Dad who has already had to move for work) That is right this fun family of 5 is getting ready to pack up their home and move across the state. When Jane reached out to me for some last minute lifestyle photos of her kids in the home where their family started before they move in a few weeks I knew I just had to squeeze her in! I too have had to do this and know the feeling of leaving the home behind where you started your family. This session was a blast too! I had so much fun that morning hanging out with the kids in their rooms and playrooms. We stopped and made some art, had a snack, had a dance party and even jumped on the couches! They also live right on the lake so we visted their dock and spent some time splashing around! Also a cool fact is that the paintings you see on the wall are all Jane's and the watercolor ones are her grandmothers! They are amazing works of Art! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them! I posted a few extra then I normally do just because I know special this home is to them! Enjoy!

Fisher's Room. He was so cute giving me the tour! 

Gracie's room! She picked our her outfit for the shoot too ;-) So Stylish! 

And of course Baby Graham's room and you will see this cute guy crawling all over :-) 

love how he loves to style his hair on his own!

time for some dot art! 

And seriously High Five to all the moms who allow some jumping on the furniture time! 

Graham photo bombed by Fisher :-)

time for some splashing around 

snack & dance party time!