Jake, Emily and Vayda

Meet this adorable family of 3! They were the first of my fall sessions even tho it didn't feel like Fall this evening. It was actually in the 70's and pretty buggy at this spot, but they were troopers and we made it through. Vayda took a little convincing to warm up and the bugs didn't help but she eventually warmed up to me and I got to see her sweet smile. She loved tossing leaves into the air and exploring the nature area. Her fave game tho was peek-a-boo and boy is she good at it! You can tell she is a sweet one and like to be by her parents side! Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you! 

Stearley Family Photos 21016-199.jpg

Seriously those Blue Eyes!!! 

Click the arrows for the cutest game of Peek-a-Boo

Love that Smile!