Ashley & Oliver

HEYYYYYY!!!! I'm back from my month off of having fun in the sun with my two littles!  And I'm starting off with my favorite DUO: Ashley & Oliver! You may remember these two from last summer! My word these two are the cutest and that little Oliver will just melt your heart! He has the sweetest soul and the best smile! He was always concerned for my safety when I was in the streets or standing on something to get the shot!  These two have the sweetest love for eachother and it is so genuine and so inspiring to be around! For this session we took a trip down to the town of Saugatuck and took a stroll along the shops downtown and then ended by watching the sunset over the water ... which I got waist deep into off the pier to capture some reflective moments for them :-) !!! Thank you both for the fun evening and the pizza you shared with me after ;-) ! 

love finding background gems like these parked alongside the road! 

mama's only request was a photo of her holding her Ollie as she knows he won't always want her to carry him :) 

i loved his "treat" at the end for being such a good sport! He was giddy with excitement to be dipped in!!!!