Colleen, Penelope & a lil Bump

The other morning I walked over to my good friend Colleen's house (neighbor too) for coffee and to capture her and her little girl Penelope and her bump :) ! It was such a fun morning as I always love spending time with these two! Penelope currently has my most favorite set of cheeks EVER!!! And I just know she is going to be the sweetest big sister! Colleen is currently expecting girl #2 in November and unless she's turned to the side and moves her arm you would never know this skinny lady is 32 weeks pregnant! Such a fit mama and even at 32 weeks preggo still kicks my butt at the gym somedays and even has a shoulder battle wound to prove it! Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you three! Enjoy!   

and we are going to start out with my fave!!!

Coffee is a big part of Colleen's life so a morning coffee date with Penelope was perfect! 

those toes and like i said ... those CHEEKS!!! 

and now some portraits of this gorgeous mama  & her bump ...