Brian, Alicia, Nolan and Baby #2

My favorite clients came for a visit and she just happens to be 6 months pregnant with baby number two so of course we did a photo shoot to capture this moment in their lives. Oh and I should mention they are my brother, sister in law, nephew and soon to be ... ? . They are waiting till the big day to find out! This session was of course so much fun! My nephew was all wound up from the 4 hour drive so he was ready to play with his favorite Aunt and explore! His expressions are priceless! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! 

that laugh is the best!!! 

what's so funny you ask? ...  his sister getting soaked by 50 degree waves while standing in Lake MI trying to get this shot! It was soooo cold ... but totally worth it! 

when he finally got tired ... oh the sweetness 

working it ! 

Alicia Maternity-283.jpg

and as usual this guy did not disappoint during his shoot! Looking foward to baby number two and being a favorite Aunt times two!!! 

and a big Thank You to my sister in law for being a good sport & letting me shove her into bushes along the path for portraits! ;-)