Turning One ... Times Two

You may remember Brooks & Caleb from this Fall and they were little hams then and now they are still little hams, but hams that crawl! We did the shoot at a local ice cream eatery as it still being winter in MI was wayyy to cold to shoot them outside! It was so much fun and they were adorable to watch! They were constantly on the move and when you sat them on the floor they instantly just tried to crawl away! I just captured them for the most part exploring the ice cream shop as one year olds would do! They touched, smelled and licked everything :)! We then let them dive into their first taste of ice cream and they did not disappoint! Hope you enjoy this adorable session. I laughed the whole time editing! 

This was the story of Caleb all afternoon ... exit stage left 

Happiest Birthday Boys 

This year on my blog I am going to try to add some behind the scenes sneak peeks to some of my posts. These are to help those who are wanting some tips on child photography. As kids are not the easiest to photograph since they are constantly having meltdowns, uncooperative and are constantly moving in all (in this case 2) directions! So for this session my secret weapon was ... Grandma ... the ultimate baby wrangler, giggler getter and boo boo kisser ... she tagged along and the boys lit up!