Meet Steve, Anna, Lauren, Luke & Grandparents (Mary Jane & Dave)

Meet this awesome family of four plus equally awesome grandparents! They were my first Fall Foilage session of the season!!! I am loving the color explosion Autumn is turning Michigan into! It only lasts a couple weeks so we gotta get out in it while it's around! This was such a fun evening with this group and I thank them for braving a cool windy night with me! Lauren is such a sweetheart and was such a joy to capture! And that Luke ... what a cutie!!! Love both these ages these two are in right now! Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments with all of you and playing in the leaves with me! 

Let's start with a group shot! 

love this girl!

Steve, Anna, Lauren, Luke 2015-48.jpg

love that hand hold! 

Beautiful smiles from Beautiful girls! 

Lauren you kill me :) 

.... love these matching smiles! 

she then got brother in on some leaf play!