A Snowy Engagement

When Jessalynn emailed me to do a snowy engagment session I literally leaped out of my chair in excitement! It should be no surpise that I LOVE the SNOW and I have been dying to do a session out in it!  Also I know I am going to LOVE those clients who are willing to freeze outside with me in the dead of a MI snowy Winter! Jeff & Jessalynn will be tying the knot in June on the beach here in west MI overlooking the lake so it was only fitting we took a walk in the woods and arrived at the beach in the end!  Hope you enjoy these photos! I enjoyed this session so much! They are just the sweetest! These two have also earned some cold weather photo bragging rights as my coldest session ever .. it was a whopping 17 degrees while shooting and that doesn't include the negative windchill coming off that lake!! Enjoy! 


Jeff & Jessalynn 2015 -65.jpg
Jeff & Jessalynn 2015 -157.jpg
Jeff & Jessalynn 2015 -88.jpg