Nolan and the Big One

I started photographing this guy (who happens to be my nephew) when he was still inside my sister in laws tummy. I can not believe it has been a year already! We had his first Birthday party then headed to their downtown (where I grew up) for some photos. His expressions are priceless and I love his little smirk! Nolan is a guy on the move. He doesn't want to sit or stand just wants to be on the move getting into everything. He is also a taster of all things ... doors, benches and light posts :).  Thank you again Nolan for letting your Favorite Aunt take your photos! Enjoy! 

would you look at that face! Alicia your's is cute too ;-) 

I had to really work it (jumping, yelling & dancing) to that smirk ... but I got it! 

He's lucky there was no ice on that thing :-) Happy Birthday Big Guy!