Curt, Heather & Fiona

Meet Curt, Heather and their adorable 18 month year old girl Fiona. She was so cute and oh so fun! I love 18 months because everything amazes them! She is also starting to talk and it was so adorable hearing her repeat new words! I was able to capture this family of three in their new home that they moved into 2 months ago. We started inside by finishing up getting ready and then headed outside for some fun in the leaves, dancing and hula hooping! What I love most about this session was we just let Fiona play and interact with her parents. She chose what we did and I just stopped time for them in these moments! 


No one can moves those hips better than her! 

She never stopped moving and I loved it! She had things to do and leaves to explore! 

Curt, Heather & Fiona-205.jpg

I am still not over those cheeks!!!!

Curt, Heather & Fiona-318.jpg

She gives the most enthusiastic tickles! 

Congrats on your new Home! 

Curt, Heather & Fiona-366.jpg