The Mooneys on Honeymoon

Meet Chad and Chelsey Mooney a recently married couple on their Honeymoon from Indiana. Chad is actually a cousin of mine who happend to marry this gorgeous girl Chelsey and they decided to come up to MI for their Honeymoon and specifically my hometown! So I loved when Chelsey reached out for me to do some photos for them while they were staying here. They also brought along their pups, Remington and Eve, to join in on the adventures! So I met them at one of my fave beaches one evening and captured them in their Honeymoon Bliss! Congrats again Chad & Chelsey and wishing you both all the joy & happiness! 

Chad & Chelsey 2018-31.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-134.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-5.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-266.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-168.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-188.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-240.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-301.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-202.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-106.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-360.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-329.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-417.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-422.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-528.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-428.jpg
Chad & Chelsey 2018-459.jpg

Congrats and Best Wishes to you Both! 

Chad & Chelsey 2018-291.jpg

The Nephews

Finally getting around to blogging one of my fave sessions I did this summer, my brother and his family! They have been waiting patiently for me to edit these so I hope it was worth the wait! I went back home a few weeks ago and was able to squeeze in a quick downtown session in the small IN town I grew up in and where they reside. So it's always fun going into the downtown and seeing all the new restorations they have done to it. It is also always fun to capture these two guys, my nephews! This was an extra special session too because Sawyer, the youngest one, is currently going through chemotherapy for his battle with leukemia and it had been a rough few months for them and he hasn't really been himself until now and it was so good to see him laughing so much with brother Nolan and just being his silly self again! So we took a stroll downtown and we ended the session with getting some ice cream! Enjoy! 

Draper Family 2018-17.jpg
Draper Family 2018-63.jpg
Draper Family 2018-32.jpg
Draper Family 2018-120.jpg
Draper Family 2018-241.jpg
Draper Family 2018-127.jpg
Draper Family 2018-261.jpg
Draper Family 2018-375.jpg
Draper Family 2018-415.jpg
Draper Family 2018-450.jpg

Bolingers at the Beach

I can't believe we are into August all ready! Summer is flying by and I have been enjoying capturing all these wonderful families at my fave place ... the beach! Meet Justin and Elizabeth and of course the star of the show, their adorable 2 year old, Lauren! I met this beautiful family at my fave beach and we played in the sand and water but mostly it was about chasing Lauren around ;-). Lauren is your typical on the go 2 year old and was so much fun to capture! She loved all things sand and running! It was such a fun eveing meeting this family. Enjoy!

Bolinger Family 2018-14.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-18.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-24.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-25.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-56.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-72.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-67.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-88.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-92.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-124.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-79.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-131.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-139.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-155.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-253.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-191.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-243.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-346.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-292.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-279.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-353.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-332.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-348.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-316.jpg
Bolinger Family 2018-178.jpg

The Krugers from Kansas

This summer has been such a fun one for me as I have been able to capture many special friends! This time it was the Kruger family who came to visit/vacation in west Michigan from Kansas this summer. How do I know them, well believe it or not the mom and I met online! What?! It is true tho, we both joined the Instagram community around the same time and starting liking eachothers work. We tell our kids its like a modern day penpal! Well one thing lead to another and I met her and a couple other mom instagrammers in Chicago and made a new friend for life. So this summer when she sent me a text saying that she was bringing the whole family to MI I couldn't be more excited! Not only did I get to see her again, we got to introduce our kids and I also had the honor of taking some family shots for them one evening here on my favorite beach! It was an awesome few days together showing them west MI and watching our kids become instant friends. 

Kruger Family 2018-151.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-368.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-242.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-255.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-295.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-280.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-291.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-262.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-344.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-335.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-435.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-478.jpg
Kruger Family 2018-214.jpg

A Texas Maternity

It’s not every day you get to fly to Texas and take a friends maternity photos, but when you do its quite awesome! Meet Ethan and Erica, a couple from Houston Texas who are expecting their first any moment now and Erica who also just happens to be my best friend from High School! This actually wasn’t planned this way, my husband and I had planned a trip a year ago to go down to Texas and visit them, but it just so happened that they ended up expecting during this time. So I of course packed the camera and captured them during our visit. We actually ended up in Galveston a couple days trying to beat the Texas heat, but it ended up being the perfect backdrop for some beach photos. The other ones were taken all around their home in Houston. Erica you are stunning even when 8 months pregnant out in the Texas heat and I am so excited for you to soon have your new title of Mom. Wishing you both the best in this newest adventure and already know you are going to be amazing parents!

Bigham Maternity 2018-29.jpg

One of my faves!

Bigham Maternity 2018-175.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-96.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-167.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-155.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-46.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-68.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-148.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-244.jpg

and of course their current "kids" needed to get in some

Bigham Maternity 2018-407.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-524.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-431.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-551.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-585.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-656.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-690.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-721.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-666.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-727.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-766.jpg
Bigham Maternity 2018-812.jpg

Senior Kelsie

It is 2019 senior session time and first up is Kelsie who is going to be a Grand Haven High School Senior this coming Fall. Kelsie is involved in the cross country and track teams at her school. She will be looking at colleges this fall and has an interest in engineering and business.  I met Kelsie up north for this senior session as her family was vacationing at the time. We did a little bit of everything. We hit up a restored barn, grape field, dock and of course the beach. It was such a fun night and Kelsie is so easy going. Kelsie you are so sweet, beautiful, smart and a joy to be around. I wish you all the best in your Senior Year! 

Kelsie Senior 2018-300.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-112.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-121.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-223.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-261.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-194.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-270.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-12.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-308.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-378.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-459.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-503.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-568.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-469.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-519.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-995.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-641.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-767.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-804.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-687.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-1034.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-747.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-1024.jpg
Kelsie Senior 2018-1001.jpg

The Winsor Family

And now for my last spring session to blog! I can't believe spring is already almost over and summer will be here so soon! Seemed like such a short spring since it was so late this year! And as always I save the best for last! Meet the Winsor family. You may remember sweet Owen and Olivia from last Spring where they ate ice cream when it was like 50 degrees outside but it didn't phase them! Luckily tho this year it was almost 80 and sunny! Mom and Dad decided to join in on the fun this year too.  I had such a fun evening capturing this family! We met in Grand Haven where they reside and took a stroll around the block and then ended down at Grand Haven's famous boardwalk to catch the last of the days sun! Owen and Olivia you both rocked this session (and so did you mom & dad ;-) ). Enjoy! 

Winsor Family 2018-51.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-2.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-29.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-91.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-106.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-201.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-192.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-182.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-270.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-405.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-395.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-437.jpg
Winsor Family 2018-480.jpg

The Howe Family

Meet the Howe family of six. They have all been on my blog before at one time or another but this time we captured the whole family together! It was a busy night too with so much for them to celebrate. We were capturing two birthday milestones (Ozzy 4 and baby Dylan 1) and a first communion for big sister Scout. We headed to the beach this eveing to capture this family and celebrate all these firsts for them! We did everything from making sure we got those birthday portrait shots, running the dunes, first communion dress and ended with splashing in the still very cold waves of lake MI! It was a busy but fun filled night with this family and the sunset was almost as beautiful as this family!

Howe Family 2018-364.jpg
Howe Family 2018-133.jpg
Howe Family 2018-34.jpg
Howe Family 2018-195.jpg
Howe Family 2018-67.jpg
Howe Family 2018-164.jpg
Howe Family 2018-215.jpg
Howe Family 2018-287.jpg
Howe Family 2018-382.jpg

Just Beautiful! 

Howe Family 2018-512.jpg
Howe Family 2018-655.jpg
Howe Family 2018-397.jpg
Howe Family 2018-408.jpg
Howe Family 2018-429.jpg
Howe Family 2018-318.jpg

The Young Family

Hello again! I am absolutely loving being back at it with all these wonderful families this Spring! Up next here is the Young family. I actually met up with the Young family at her parents home that live right in a downtown here in west Michigan. It was such a fun evening of walking around and exploring the old neighborhood and all its history. Most of the backdrops you will see are those of old buildings that are now musuems and historical sites that you can visit and tour! The two Young kids, Prudence and Oskar, are just the sweetest together. Prudence is actually in the same Girl Scout Troop as my daughter and that is how I have come to know this beautiful family! Thank you for such a fun night in a new place Young family and I hope you enjoy these as much as I did capturing them for you all! 

Young Family 2018-50.jpg
Young Family 2018-446.jpg
Young Family 2018-12.jpg
Young Family 2018-462.jpg
Young Family 2018-76.jpg
Young Family 2018-136.jpg
Young Family 2018-142.jpg
Young Family 2018-97.jpg
Young Family 2018-203.jpg
Young Family 2018-243.jpg
Young Family 2018-265.jpg
Young Family 2018-350.jpg
Young Family 2018-297.jpg
Young Family 2018-381.jpg
Young Family 2018-408.jpg
Young Family 2018-507.jpg

and I pulled out my secret weapons at the end to make mom & dad smile :-) 

Young Family 2018-553.jpg

Raha Family

Spring has finally Sprung here in West Michigan and next to fall it is my most colorful time of year to shoot! We are literally 5 weeks behind last years bloom but it has been well worth the wait as the Orchards are finally showing off their pink and white blossoms! I met the Raha family out at one of my fave orchards the other night and it was the perfect evening we had been waiting for! The Raha kids, Will, Logan, Gavin, & Luella definitely win the award for the most focused group of 4 kids! They came ready to smile! Also how dapper are those 3 boys! Serisouly mom nailed it on style for them all! And that Luella is just the sweetest little girl and so well loved by those boys. This family was a dream to photograph here and it was my honor to do so! I hope you enjoy these captures of this gorgeous family as much as I did taking them! Enjoy! 

Raha Family 2018-227.jpg
Raha Family 2018-46.jpg
Raha Family 2018-107.jpg
Raha Family 2018-76.jpg
Raha Family 2018-243.jpg
Raha Family 2018-125.jpg
Raha Family 2018-256.jpg
Raha Family 2018-274.jpg
Raha Family 2018-315.jpg
Raha Family 2018-332.jpg
Raha Family 2018-300.jpg
Raha Family 2018-355.jpg
Raha Family 2018-499.jpg
Raha Family 2018-414.jpg

Schmidt Family

Ok so you have to know this family by now! They are definitely up there in one of my most photographed families! I love watching and capturing this growing family! I started capturing them when Linus the oldest boy was just two and every session with them has been so much fun! I also love that this family always wants to capture their hometown and go to the places they normally do with their kids. And that is exactly what we did this evening. Started out in downtown at some of their fave spots and even hit up the local candy store. We then swung by their home for some quick play time and ended by getting sandy at the beach/pier! Enjoy and Happy Weekend All! 

Schmidt Family 2018-6.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-50.jpg

loved how they both wanted to make her smile!

Schmidt Family 2018-53.jpg

one of my fave client smiles!

Schmidt Family 2018-69.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-97.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-147.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-213.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-194.jpg

Candy Store Time!!!

Schmidt Family 2018-297.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-313.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-254.jpg

decisions, decisions 

Schmidt Family 2018-264.jpg

Back at Home to play and warm up for a bit!

Ended with a Grand Haven Favorite ... The Pier!

Schmidt Family 2018-465.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-493.jpg
Schmidt Family 2018-456.jpg

Baby Margot

Meet Baby Margot she entered this wold on March 31st and joined this beautiful family. She of course decided to come early while I was on Spring Break, but once we finally got some sun here in MI I was able to head over and capture her with her family. Big sister Charlotte is just adorable with her and already a big help to mom. Charlotte is also into my little ponies right now and I am pretty sure she can't wait til baby Margot is old enough to play with her! For now she will settle for holding her and showing her the ponies and books. I speant the morning with the girls and their beautiful mom Jeanette. It was such a fun morning capturing them as they would normally go about their mornings together. I then returned that evening once dad got home and was able to capture them as a family of four now. 

Kulkarni Family 2018-69.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-26.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-42.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-467.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-45.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-118.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-88.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-135.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-148.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-509.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-175.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-203.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-244.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-352.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-423.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-409.jpg
Kulkarni Family 2018-435.jpg

And Baby Girl Makes 5

So I photographed this beautiful family back in June right when they found out they were expecting baby number 3 and now number 3 has made their appearance! And it was a Girl! Meet Andrea Elsaida who was born on Jan 18th. She is the baby sister to two sweet big brothers Eli and Finn! And they are so excited she is here and always willing to hold or help. I've never had two boys insist on photos with her right away like they did! It was so precious that they wanted to be captured holding her!  I met Andy right on her 1 month mark! I spent an afternoon with her and her family in their home and as you will see below she is well loved! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did capturing them!

Andrea Newborn 2018-89.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-127.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-207.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-209.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-305.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-131.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-18.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-481.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-45.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-240.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-327.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-347.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-440.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-376.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-461.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-513.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-408.jpg
Andrea Newborn 2018-551.jpg

Miller Family Fall

Ok come on you have to know this family by now! And if not you should! This is one of the first families I started capturing when we moved up here to Michigan 3 years ago!  At the time it was a family of 3 with their now oldest only being 1. Now they are four and it has been my honor capturing them along the way these past 3 years! For this session we headed to the same spot we actually did their maternity photos in. It was a pretty cold November afternoon so we did these pretty quick. The girls are getting so big and as always they were just the sweetest! The youngest Violet was a little cranky but you would never know it as she is all giggles in these due to her awesome Aunt being all sorts of silly and crazy behind me to make her laugh! Heather, the moms, family was in town so they tagged along to help & watch and the girls loved it! We just took a walk around this meadow, found some puddles to splash in and giggled along the way! Enjoy!

Miller Family Fall 2017-196.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-30.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-46.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-119.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-153.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-94.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-138.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-25.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-177.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-224.jpg

we of course found some puddles to splash in along the way ...

Miller Family Fall 2017-231.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-235.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-318.jpg
Miller Family Fall 2017-324.jpg

a quick capture of them all! 

Miller Family Fall 2017-334.jpg

Penelope & Olivia

Meet Penelope and Olivia who are the two cutest sisters ever! I know these girls well as they are a close friends little girls and I was so excited to capture them on this day! Penelope who is four now is one of my daughters friends and I have been capturing her since she was one when we first moved here. Her sister Olivia who will be turning two this month I've had the honor of capturing since birth. These girls are getting so big and it is so much fun to watch them play, run around and giggle. Both are into dolls right now so we spent some time tending to their babies. We listened to some music and colored for a bit too! Mom and I may have had a cocktail in the middle of the chaos too ;-). I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did capturing them! I hope to come back over and play again soon girls! 

Michner Girls 2017-7.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-52.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-59.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-73.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-95.jpg

so incredibly beautiful! 

Michner Girls 2017-90.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-124.jpg

my fave!

Michner Girls 2017-114.jpg

mom says this is her ... always ... 

Michner Girls 2017-139.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-183.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-201.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-236.jpg

an intense almost 2 yr story of how snow white ate the apple ... cutest story ever told! 

Michner Girls 2017-277.jpg

i have about 8 more of her actually sitting up in the chair, but feel this one really captures her

Michner Girls 2017-305.jpg

she has the best smile!

Michner Girls 2017-363.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-330.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-327.jpg
Michner Girls 2017-329.jpg

gah! just the sweetest duo! 

Michner Girls 2017-393.jpg

Peterson Family Fall

Meet the Peterson Family of three! This was my first time meeting this family and I instantly knew they were awesome! Elise contacted me a while back wanting to get some first ever photos done of them as a family of three and I couldn't wait to make this happen for her! They have the cutest 9 month old little boy who goes by the name of Magnus. He may take my award for the most chill go with the flow baby I have ever captured. We took a walk around one of my favorite parks to visit in the Fall and captured this family here. They recently just moved into the area so it was fun to show them a new place. This family was a true Joy to capture and this was such a fun night! I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I did capturing them! 

Peterson Family 2017-58.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-4.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-30.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-21.jpg


Peterson Family 2017-175.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-120.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-178.jpg

oh those smiles!!! 

Peterson Family 2017-144.jpg

his expressions were priceless!!! "hey lady I am going to grab this grass and then eat it ... that cool?" 

Peterson Family 2017-168.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-77.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-217.jpg

that side smile is my fave! 

Peterson Family 2017-198.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-253.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-278.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-290.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-337.jpg
Peterson Family 2017-331.jpg

and ending with this sweet face!!!! 

Peterson Family 2017-351.jpg

Bell Family Fall

Fall has finally set in up here in Michigan and we are finally seeing those beautiful colors and feeling fall temps. My first official fall family session was the Bell Family as I'm sure you all know by now. The twins Brooks & Caleb were just awesome and loved running around, laughing it up and throwing leaves. Their little sister Jordan wasn't all that happy this evening due to some new teeth coming in but we managed a few moments of smiles from her! It was also the dad's (Chris's) birthday so I guess there's no better way to document the day than with a family photo shoot! Hope you all enjoy this first fall session!

Bell Family 2017-60.jpg

So Handsome!

Bell Family 2017-4.jpg
Bell Family 2017-33.jpg
Bell Family 2017-165.jpg

Loved those giggles!

Bell Family 2017-41.jpg
Bell Family 2017-21.jpg

they of course found the one puddle at the whole place! ;-)

Bell Family 2017-52.jpg
Bell Family 2017-79.jpg

we have been trying to get this photo since they were born and finally nailed it!

Bell Family 2017-132.jpg
Bell Family 2017-92.jpg

Sweetness from Caleb

Bell Family 2017-198.jpg
Bell Family 2017-182.jpg
Bell Family 2017-187.jpg

and thats a wrap ... 

Bell Family 2017-163.jpg

Fall Downtown Vibes

Meet the Hubbards my first fall session of the year! And even tho we didn't do the traditional fall leaves in the countryside, downtown was already putting out some Fall Vibes. These family friends were so much fun to capture! The girl Laila is one of my daughters best friends and they have been in school together for 3 years now, so needless to say my daughter was pretty jealous I was going to go hang out with her bestie this evening so I let her tag along for part of the shoot. Laila and her brother Tristan are such the sweetest siblings to each other! I can always see how much they truly care for eachother and love one another! These two also earned their high jump and dance moves awards at the end where it was a free for all for the camera! Hope your enjoy these as much as I did capturing them!

Hubbard Family 2017-47.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-1.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-22.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-61.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-129.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-151.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-162.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-183.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-203.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-205.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-241.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-288.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-290.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-322.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-346.jpg

Time for some free for alls ... pretty sure she is a secret ninja ... 

Hubbard Family 2017-571.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-561.jpg

... and clearly he is a secret hip hop dancer ... 

Hubbard Family 2017-564.jpg
Hubbard Family 2017-567.jpg

Such Fun Night with you Two! 

Hubbard Family 2017-362.jpg

Beachy Fall Play

Yay for one last beach "family" session of the season! And it was the perfect one to end on as I had so much fun with this beautiful family of four! And the warmer fall temps made it the perfect eveing! I met them at the beach and we got right to playing and posing! They have two beautiful girls Ellee and Faye! Ellee is friends with my daughter as they attended the same preschool together and my daughter was quite jealous I got to come play with her this eveing at the beach! ha! And Faye is just the sweetest thing and loved snuggling with her mom & dad. This family jumped in the waves, played in the sand and was full of smiles the whole time! Enjoy!

Coughlin Family 2017-12.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-36.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-85.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-104.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-154.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-187.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-206.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-217.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-253.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-278.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-317.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-264.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-338.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-345.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-387.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-395.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-435.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-442.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-451.jpg
Coughlin Family 2017-484.jpg

Faye says thats a wrap ;-) 

Coughlin Family 2017-509.jpg

Biking & Beaching

My favorite DUO is blogged! This is my 4th summer capturing these two and each year it just gets more and more fun! This year we stayed in their home town and had Oliver just pick what he loves to do. We ended up starting the morning off at the skate park and ended in the evening with splashing in the waves at the beach. We also stopped off at the farmers market for breakfast and walked along the boardwalk. Oliver is such an awesome kid! He is so brave in all that he does and ties!  I couldn't believe the tricks he was doing at the skate park and I've seen him in action on the ski slopes in winter! He also knows how to make us laugh! Mom and I were constantly laughing at his silliness. Mom of course is just as gorgeous as ever and just plain rocks at being his mom! These two are just the sweetest, kindest and most adventurous duo I know! Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of capturing you all! It is my fave way to end my Summer Sessions! 

Safety First ...

A&O 2017-28.jpg
A&O 2017-109.jpg

I loved how brave mom was to jump in the middle has he rode on the walls all around her!

A&O 2017-50.jpg
A&O 2017-90.jpg
A&O 2017-95.jpg
A&O 2017-97.jpg
A&O 2017-145.jpg
A&O 2017-171.jpg
A&O 2017-200.jpg

oh just stop!  

A&O 2017-238.jpg

those freckles across his nose get me every time! Love!!!

A&O 2017-292.jpg
A&O 2017-273.jpg
A&O 2017-309.jpg
A&O 2017-343.jpg
A&O 2017-428.jpg

time to play ...

A&O 2017-465.jpg
A&O 2017-444.jpg
A&O 2017-486.jpg
A&O 2017-540.jpg
A&O 2017-558.jpg
A&O 2017-573.jpg
A&O 2017-605.jpg
A&O 2017-561.jpg
A&O 2017-546.jpg
A&O 2017-621.jpg

Hey you guys wanna go swim out to those rocks? No hesitation from either just started going right towards them! I was up to my chest holding my camera up above the water to capture these and it was soooo worth it! 

A&O 2017-649.jpg
A&O 2017-631.jpg
A&O 2017-667.jpg

and my fave ... 

A&O 2017-743.jpg